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Welcome to the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society Webpage. Please scroll down for the News.

Symposia in 2016

  • 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Tours, France, September 18-21, 2016
  • 2016 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, May 9-12, 2016
  • ISAF/ECAPD/PFM Conference 2016, Darmstadt, Germany, August 22-25, 2016

Information on Symposia later than 2016 is given on Symposia page

2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)
Convention Center Vinci, Tours, France
September 18-21, 2016

2016 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
May 9-12, 2016

2016 Joint IEEE International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics, European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics & Workshop on Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (ISAF/ECAPD/PFM)
Darmstadt, Germany
August 21-25, 2016



WIE Event at 2016 IUS
The Women in Engineering (WIE) of the UFFC Society organized a special networking and social hour event at the 2016 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium in New Orleans. View more details and photos.

(Posted 18 August 2016)

Early Ferroelectricity History
Two new items have been added to the Topics in Ferroelectrics (History Page): First use of the term "ferroelectricity" by Erwin Schrödinger and a chapter by R.E. Newnham, L.E. Cross, H. Megaw, W. Cook, Jr., N. Coda, and W. Buessem from a Japanese book " Kyoui no Chitabari".

(Posted 11 August 2016)
Photo Highlights from the 2016 International Frequency Symposium
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
May 9-12, 2016

The conference’s technical program was anchored by three outstanding plenary speakers – one for each morning of the conference. The first plenary speaker was Professor Joe Taylor from Princeton University (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1993). Professor Taylor’s talk was titled “Reflections on an Astrophysical Clock-Comparison Experiment.”
(A recording of Prof. Taylor's talk is available.)

Professor Mavalvala from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the second plenary speaker. Professor Mavalvala presented the exciting new results on gravitational wave detection from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. The title of her talk was “Exploring the Warped Universe: The hundred-year quest to detect gravitational waves.” Elizabeth Donley (TPC Chair) and Professor Nergis Mavalvala.

The third plenary lecture “Designing for Longevity,” was presented by Alexander Rose from the Long Now Foundation. Mr. Rose manages the 10,000 Year Clock Project, which aims to inspire long-term thinking. This inspiring project is a huge effort to build a massive yet beautiful mechanical clock inside of an excavated mountain of solid rock in a remote area of Texas.

(Posted 30 June 2016)
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology
The present and past Editors-in-Chief of the IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology are proud to present the special paper collection A Third of a Century of Lightwave Technology. This special collection contains the most impactful papers from JLT's third of a century long history, reflecting on the progress and impact that lightwave technologies have had on society. Copies can be ordered.
(Posted 30 June 2016)
2016 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (IFCS) Highlights
The 2016 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (IFCS) was held at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana, US, from May 9-12. The IEEE UFFC Society President, Prof. Clark Nguyen, and General Chair, Dr. Lute Maleki, welcomed participants to this exciting 70th Anniversary meeting to exchange through 110 lectures (28 invited), 145 posters and other events with a special New Orleans’ style. A wine glass marked with the IFCS logo was given to all attendees as a special souvenir.

Among the highlights was the plenary presentation "Reflections on an Astrophysical Clock-Comparison Experiment" by Nobel Laureate, Joseph more
(Posted 28 June 2016)
Impact factor of IEEE Trans. UFFC has risen from 1.512 to 2.287
The Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) published by Thomson Reuters for 2015 show that the IEEE Trans UFFC Impact Factor (IF) has reached its highest value ever. It is up by 50% from 1.512 to 2.287. The journal is now firmly in the top quartile for Engineering, Electrical & Electronic as well as for Acoustics. This compares very strongly with IFs for journals in related fields:
  • JASA, 1.572
  • Journal of Applied Physics, 2.101
  • Ultrasonics, 1.954
  • Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 2.298
The IF is a bibliometric indicator designed to reflect the quality of the articles, and the significant increase shows that IEEE Transactions on UFFC papers are being cited more than ever before! Congratulations to Steve Freear, Editor-in-Chief, and his staff!!!
(Posted 24 June 2016)

Steven Freear
1st 2016 AdCom Meeting, in conjunction with the 2016 International Frequency Control Symposium
The first 2016 UFFC AdCom Meeting was held on May 13, 2016 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. There were 40 in attendance and 1 WebEx attendee.

Normal business was conducted including receiving reports from the Officers and Committee Chairs of the Society. Nine (9) motions that were voted electronically between the last AdCom meeting and this one were read into the minutes. Seven (7) motions were made and voted on during this meeting, six (6) were approved, and one (1) defeated... read more

(Posted 23 June 2016)
IEEE UFFC Society Sponsors Students to Attend NIST Time and Frequency Seminar
Nine graduate students from around the world were sponsored by the UFFC Society to attend the 41st Annual NIST Time and Frequency Seminar in Boulder, Colorado, USA ( The Seminar was a four-day comprehensive course from June 7th through June 10th that covered clocks, oscillators, atomic frequency standards, rf and optical synchronization, optical oscillators, techniques for making precise frequency, time, phase-noise, and jitter measurements, and establishing measurement accuracy and traceability... read more

UFFC-Sponsored Students: Adarsh Ganesan (U. of Cambridge, UK), Elizabeth Donley (NIST host), Maxime Auchlin, (U. of Houston, USA), Andres David Rodriguez Salas (U. of São Paulo, Brazil), Alper Ozgurluk (UC Berkeley, USA), Dipenkumar Barot, (U. of Alabama, Huntsville, USA), Aishik Acharya (NPL, India), Megha Agrawal (U. of Cambridge, UK), Etienne Vaillant (FEMTO-ST, France), Ruonan Liu (UC Berkeley, USA).

(Posted 23 June 2016)
Student Activities at IFCS in New Orleans, May 2016
By Duo Pan, Senior Frequency Control Student Representative

Bringing along their newest ideas and most creative techniques, students from all over the world attended the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (IFCS) in New Orleans, LA, USA in May. The UFFC Society showed their appreciation and support for students through Student Travel Awards, a Student breakfast for networking and five Best Student Paper Awards. Special congratulations for the five Student paper awards!

  • Ruonan Liu ("RF-Powered Micromechanical Clock Generator")
  • Etienne Vaillant ("Phase Noise Measurement of AlN Contour-Mode Resonators")
  • Liron Stern ("Chip-Scale Atomic Cladding Wave Guides for Optical Frequency References in the Telecom and NIR Regime")
  • Maribel Maldonado-Garcia ("Miniaturized Aerosol Impactors with Integrated Piezoelectric Thin Film Resonant Mass Balances")
  • Maxime Favier, ("Frequency Ratio of a Mercury Optical Lattice Clock with Primary and Secondary Frequency Standards")

Best student paper award winners. From left to right: Ruonan Liu, Etienne Vaillant, Liron Stern, Maribel Maldonado-Garcia, Maxime Favier.
(Posted 16 June 2016)
Challenge event at IUS 2016
For the first time, a Challenge event is to be held at the 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) in Tours France. The Plane-wave Imaging Challenge in Medical UltraSound competition has been organized to investigate and compare methods for beamforming in plane wave imaging. Abstract submissions for this challenge are open up to the 17th of June. For more information, please visit;
(Posted 14 June 2016)

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A Greeting from the IEEE UFFC Society President, Dr. Clark Nguyen

Clark Nguyen

Greetings on behalf of the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society (UFFC-S) and welcome to our website. We hope you will find this website informative and will take advantage of the educational, professional, and social resources it makes available on the major topics spearheaded by our society.


UFFC-S Administrative Committee Votes to Oppose the Proposed IEEE Constitutional Amendment

constitution scroll

June 26, 2017—The IEEE elections will start on August 15. Among other things, the ballot will contain a proposed amendment to the IEEE Constitution on which IEEE members will be asked to vote.

The Administrative Committee (Adcom) of the Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society (UFFC-S) has recently voted to oppose the proposed amendment to the IEEE Constitution, citing as reasons that the amendment...

  • Would enable a small group to take control of IEEE,
  • Would move vital parts of the constitution to the bylaws - which will be subject to change by a small group, on short notice,
  • Would transfer power from about 400,000 members to a possibly small group of insiders,
  • Would remove regional representation from the Board of Directors thereby making it possible that no Asian, European, Latin American or Canadian representatives will be on the Board of Directors,
  • Would remove technical activities representation from the Board of Directors thereby making it possible for a small group of administrators and professional managers to take control of IEEE.

Adcom members further suggest that the proposed benefits of the amendment do not outweigh its risks and that existing IEEE constitution offers alternative, less complex ways of accomplishing the intended improvements, while maintaining members at the core of the decision making process.

Whether or not UFFC-S members agree with the above, all are urged to study the proposed Constitutional amendment and exercise the right to vote and be heard.

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Special Notice

Nominations are now open for the 2017 Achievement Award and Distinguished Service Award with a deadline of January 15, 2017