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The Second US-Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics, vol. III, 1984

Front Matter

Table of Contents

Front Matter, continued

Composite Piezeoelectric Materials for Ultrasonic Transducers
W. A. Smith, A. A. Shulov and B. M. Singer

Evaluation of Composite Materials for Hydrophone Applications
- Robert H. Ting

Properties and Applications of Piezoelectric Glass-Ceramics
- L. J. Bowen, J. McColl, A. Halliyal, A. Bhalla

Poster Papers -- Dielectrics II. Reliability and Degradation

Thermally Simulated Current Measurements on BaTiO3
- W. Huebner and H. U. Anderson

Thermal Stability of N and P Type Oxides
- H. Anderson, J. Kuo, B. Flandermeyer

Raman Spectroscopy of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
- N. G. Eror

Conductivity and Dielectric Relaxation in Reduced Polycrystalline CaTiO3 and SrTiO3
- I. Burn, S. M. Neirman and N. E. Cipollini

Partial Discharges in High Voltage Capacitors
- S. Levinson, J. Logrando, S. Snyder and P. Cossaboon

Poster Papers -- Mechanical Properties

Comparison of Finite Element Analysis with Crack Growth Observations for Chip Components
- W. L. Robbins, S. W. Freiman, D. Heuckeroth, and T. L. Baker

Fracture Toughness Testing of Solid Dielectric Materials and Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Comparison of Direct Crack Measurements and Bend Strength Method
- J. Piper, A. J. Scharman, J. A. Psioda

Factors Influencing Slow Crack Growth in 250 Dielectrics
- K. D. Mchenry, B. G. Koepke and W. B. Harrison

Session P-II - Piezoelectrics Composites and Devices; Session P-III Piezoelectric Actuators, Session D-III - Dielectrics High Frequency, Session PY - Pyroelectricity

Application of Porous PZT Ceramics to Hydrophone
- Kazuyasu Hikita, Kouji Yamada and Mikiya Ono

Deep Sea Acoustic Sensors Using PZT Ceramics
- Hiroshi Kamata

Medical Ultrasonic Probe Using PZT/Polymer Composite
- Hiroshi Takeuchi, Chitose Nakzya and Kageyoshi Katakura

Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer
- Yohsuke Honda

High Coupling and High Velocity Surface Acoustic Waves Using C-Axis Oriented ZnO Film on High Acoustic Velocity Ceramics as Alumina, Aluminum Nitride and an Aluminum Nitride Film on a Glass Plate
- Tadashi Shiosaki, Fumio Takeda and Akira Kawabata

Hysteresis Characteristics for Internal Electrode Construction Multilayer Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuator
- Sadayuki Takahashi

Shape Memory Effect Associated with the Forced Phase Transition in Antiferroelectrics
- Kenji Uchino and Late Shoichiro Nomura

The Application of the Piezoelectric Bimorph Cell as an Actuator
- Nobuo Hiroi, Minoru Murata and Yasuyuki Matsuo

High Dielectric Constant Materials for Microwave Use
- T. Yamaguchi, N. Nagasawa, M. Suzuki, and H. Tamura

The Microwave Characteristics of a Non-Stoichiometric (CaSrBa)Zr1+xO3 Dielectric System
- Dr. Susumu Nishigaki

Dielectric Properties of Some Alumina and Complex Perovskite Ceramics at Microwave Frequency
- H. Banno, F. Mizuno, T. Takeuchi, T. Tsunooka, K. Ohya

Microwave Properties of BaO-TiO2-Nd2O3 System Ceramics Sintered Under Oxygen Pressure
- Katsuyoshi Takamo, Ryohei Okazaki, Shigeru Komiyaha, Shigeru Takahashi

Modulation Type Pyroelectric Infrared Detector
- Yukinori Kuwano, Toshiaki Yokoo, Kenichi Sbibata and Kousuke Takeucbi

Dielectric and Pyroelectric Properties -Of PbTiO3 Thin -Film
- Ichiro Ueda, Shunichiro Kawashima and Kenji Iijima

Session M - Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Breakdown of Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer Under Large Amplitude Vibration
- Hideji Igarashi, Toshihiko Wada and Kiyoshi Okazaki

Electrical and Mechanical Properties of SiC Whisker Reinforced PZT Ceramics
- T. Yamamoto, H. Igarashi and K. Okazaki

High Sensitive Photo-Elastic Measurement Of Crack-Tip Zone in Brittle Materials Uing a PLZT Ceramic
- H. Niitsuma and N. Chubachi