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WIE Panel discussion at IEEE ISAF/ECAPD/PCM 2016

News from Barbara Kaeswurm

News from Barbara Kaeswurm, UFFC-S ISAF WIE

An IEEE Women in Engineering event was held on Tuesday August 23rd as part of the IEEE ISAF/ECAPD/PCM 2016 conference in Darmstadt, Germany. The WIE event was organized locally by Barbara Kaeswurm and Gisela Völzke. It attracted an audience of approximately 50 attendees, and featured a panel discussion led by Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb. Panel members included the conference plenary speakers Elizabeth Dickey, Beatriz Noheda, Jing-Feng Li, and Susan Trolier-McKinstry. The discussion focused on the difficulties that are commonly met by researchers in the early stage of their careers as they transition to become independent scientists. The event started with the panel speakers giving advice for young researchers based on their personal experience. Then the panel shared anecdotes from their early careers This was followed by a question and answer session which gave members of the audience the opportunity to discuss their experiences with the panel. The event provided a lively group discussion between the early-career and experienced researchers.

New AdCom Officers in 2017

The following individuals have been appointed as New AdCom Officers in 2017. We wish them every success in their new responsibilities.

Prof. Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb

Prof. Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb: Chair of Strategic Planning

Dr. Ayache Bouakaz

Dr. Ayache Bouakaz: Vice-President for Symposia

Prof. Enrico Rubiola

Prof. Enrico Rubiola: Chair of an Ad Hoc Committee to Revise the IEEE Std 1139-2008

Dr. Aaron Partridge

Dr. Aaron Partridge: Vice-President of Frequency Control

Prof. Matteo Rinaldi

Prof. Matteo Rinaldi: Chair of Publicity

UFFC AdCom Officers stepping down from their posts at end of 2016

We sincerely thank the following individuals for their excellent service to the UFFC Society. Their contributions have added enormously to the success and stature of our society.

Dr. Mike Driscoll

Dr. Mike Driscoll: Vice-President of Frequency Control

Dr. Jackie Hines

Dr. Jackie Hines: Chair of Strategic Planning

Dr. Wan-Thai Hsu

Dr. Wan-Thai Hsu: Chair of Publicity

Dr. Clemens Ruppel

Dr. Clemens Ruppel: Vice-President for Symposia

Proceedings from IUS

Final Manuscripts and Audio Visual Media from the 2016 International Ultrasonics Symposium Available

Byline : Steven Freear, IUS Publication Chair

The 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) manuscripts have been available at the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library since November 3, 2016. This very rapid availability (within only 6 weeks of the conference closing date) provides maximum benefit from this record of the IUS conference to conference participants and other IEEE UFFC members. The manuscripts have also been catalogued in Web of Science and Scopus since mid December 2016.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to look up papers from your favorite presentations at the conference or if you missed a talk, for which authors agreed slides and audio can be downloaded from the “Multimedia” tab, you may want to take a minute to browse through the proceedings at the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library:

You will need an IEEE Xplore® password (available to all IEEE UFFC members) or have access to the site via your institutional subscriptions.

News Page Feature

A new feature has been added to the News Page. It is called “Important New Research”. It will contain descriptions of noteworthy current research in the fields of interest of the UFFC-S.

Leslie Eric Cross (1929 – 2016)

Leslie Eric Cross

We sadly report the passing of Prof. L. Eric Cross on 29 December 2016. Eric was one of the most important scientists in the area of ferroelectricity since the field’s inception. He was a good friend and a mentor to many of us. He will be sorely missed. Read more

UFFC-S Members Elevated to IEEE Fellows

Zuo-Guang Ye

Zuo-Guang Ye

Robert Lutwak

Robert Lutwak

Each year, following a rigorous evaluation procedure, the IEEE Fellow Committee recommends a select group of recipients for elevation to IEEE Fellow. Less than 0.1% of voting members are selected annually for this member grade elevation.

The IEEE Board of Directors, at its November 2016 meeting, elevated Robert Lutwak to IEEE Fellow, effective 1 January 2017, with the following citation:

For technical leadership in research, development and commercialization of miniature atomic frequency standards and clocks

The IEEE Board of Directors, at its November 2016 meeting, elevated Zuo-Guang Ye to IEEE Fellow, effective 1 January 2017, with the following citation:

For contributions to piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials for high-performance electromechanical transducers

(Posted 8 December 2016)

In Memoriam

Thrygve Meeker (1929–2016)

Gernot M. R. Winkler (1922–2016)

William H. Horton (1921–2016)

André Clairon ( –2016)

Jan Fousek (1930–2016)

Franz Seifert (1933–2016)

2nd IEEE-UFFC-S AdCom meeting

2016 meeting in Tours, France(Contributed by Sandy Cochran, Ultrasonics Newsletter Editor)

Delegates welcomed to the 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) in Tours, France, will undoubtedly have planned their travel carefully, with many arriving on the Train à Grande Vitesse from Paris, but they may not have spared a thought for their intrepid Publications Chair, Steve Freear. With an important cycle race a few weeks after the symposium, Steve made the decision to travel from the UK by train...and bicycle. Braving delays, cancellations and floods, he finally arrived to a warm welcome in Tours.

The General Chair of the Symposium was Ayache Bouakaz, Université de Tours, France, who hosted more than 1,300 delegates from more than 50 different countries at the VINCI Centre Internationale de Congrès de Tours. With 1190 abstracts submitted, the Technical Program Committee chaired by Ton van der Steen, worked hard to configure the three-day program running from Monday to Wednesday. This had seven parallel sessions, including 18 invited speakers and three clinical speakers, as well as encompassing about 150 posters every day. As usual, this program provided a perfect opportunity to learn about the latest advances in medical ultrasound, ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation, industrial ultrasonics, physical acoustics, microacoustics and ultrasonic transducers and materials.

read more