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Walter Guyton Cady Memorial Page

In his research, Professor Walter Guyton Cady made discoveries and studies that formed the basis of the fields of all three of the UFFC Society sections. Ultrasonics: Underwater ultrasonics (1917). Ferroelectrics: Piezoelectric effect in Rochelle salt (1937). Frequency control: Quartz resonator (1922). This page is dedicated to the memory of Walter Guyton Cady.

Autobiographical material

Most significant contributions

Outstanding dates

Bibliography of W.G. Cady


Professor Cady's work in crystal physics (1964) by Hans Jaffe

Walter Guyton Cady (1975) by Sidney Lang

Reminiscences of W. G. Cady and the early history of ferroelectricity (1975) by Hans Jaffe

From ultrasonic to frequency standards: Walter Cady’s discovery of the sharp resonance of crystals (2008) by Shaul Katzir

War and peacetime research on the road to crystal frequency (2010) by Shaul Katzir

Publications by Cady

The piezo-electric resonator (1922) (Cady's first publication on resonator)

Piezoelectricity and Ultrasonics (1963)

Piezoelectricity (book) (1946 & 1964)

The circular tractrix (1965) (Cady's last publication)


Partial list of patents issued to Cady


Interviews on August 28-29, 1963 by R. Bruce Lindsay and W. J. King

Transcription of interview on September 28, 1972, with Cady's handwritten annotations by Sidney Lang

A conversation with Professor W. G. Cady (1975) by Sidney Lang