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2012 Cady, Rabi and Sawyer Awards

The IEEE UFFC Society congratulates the following 2012 Frequency Control Award winners:

W.G. Cady Award – Dr. Bikash K. Sinha

"For theoretical advancements and innovations to the thickness-shear and surface-acoustic-wave based quartz pressure sensors, as well as outstanding contributions to borehole sonic technology in the oil and gas industry."

C.B. Sawyer Award - Dr. Christine Klemenz Rivenbark

"For research and development of high quality crystal growth of emerging LGT and similar materials for the frequency control community, and establishment of a company for production of these materials."

I.I. Rabi Award - Dr. James Camparo

"For outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to the understanding of optical pumping using spectral lamps and lasers for improvement in Rubidium frequency standards used in terrestrial and space-based navigation and timekeeping systems."

Descriptions of each award and lists of past winners can be found at the following links:

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