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2014 Cady, Rabi and Sawyer Awards

The IEEE UFFC Society congratulates the following 2014 Frequency Control Award winners:

W.G. Cady Award - Dr. Michael E. Tobar

"For the development of high-Q resonators and low-noise devices with application to frequency control, precision measurement and sensing."

C.B. Sawyer Award - Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde

"For the development of PC software now allowing nonlinear noise analysis of RF circuit and the founding of Synergy Microwave, including the design and manufacture of ultra-low noise sources, RF components and subsystems exhibiting state-of-the-art performance"

I.I. Rabi Award - Dr. Harald R. Telle

"For most significant contributions to high precision frequency control and measurements, in particular to optical frequency chains, the invention of the phase-coherent optical frequency interval division technique and early groundwork and demonstration of optical frequency combs and their use for frequency synthesis."

Descriptions of each award and lists of past winners can be found at the following links:

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